What is FishFeedr?

FishFeedr is a new way to discover fishing spots. You can ditch the old fishing reports and get an active conversation around popular fishing locations. Now you can know where to go and what the bite is like. FishFeedr is more than just a fishing report.

Fishfeedr was launched by three fishing enthusiasts who wanted to find new fishing spots and improve their fishing but found it hard trawling through endless forums. As an easy-to-use tool, you can quickly search for fishing spots near your location and see relevant conversations relating to your search.

Take part and join the community, share your catch and experiences.

Fishfeedr will let you:

  • Find the best fishing spots wherever you go
  • Get the best tips from the fishing community
  • Check out the local catches and upload your best catch

At Fishfeedr you can be part of the best online fishing community.

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