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Welcome to another Fishfeedr product review.

Now I go rockfishing quite regularly so I need something that will keep me afloat in the rare chance that I get swept into the ocean, so today we will be testing two types of lifejackets to see how well they perform.

We will be comparing 3 factors:

  1. Compactness – how well I can move around in the lifejacket
  2. Design – Extra options
  3. Safety – will I stay afloat

Challenger Lifejacket

The first product is the Challenger lifejacket from your fishing retailer like BCF or Anaconda. Which retail for about $70.

  1. In terms of compactness it is quite bulky and if you are climbing down rock platforms it isn’t great so I give it 1.5/5 Spool scores.
  2. How about Design?
    1. Nothing spectacular but I am impressed with the designs of the buckles, they are easy to clip and tighten so 2.5/5 Spool scores for me
  3. Lastly Safety
    1. Just looking at the lifejacket you will notice that the foam is quite thick which helps with floating
    2. There are reflective patches for visibility
    3. A whistle to attract attention and
    4. Neck flaps to keep you upright


IsoFishingLifestyle Lifejacket

Now our second product is IsoFishingLifestyle Jacket which retails for around $160

  1. In terms of compactness it is very thin and light and I give it 4/5 Spool scores
  2. How about Design
    1. It is great obviously it is designed by fishing enthusiast
    2. There are plenty of pockets for you to store your fishing tackle
    3. The zippers are very durable and are made out of metal so none of that cheap plastic
    4. It also has Velcro pockets for easy storage
    5. You can take out the foam for easy drying
    6. The design is fantastic I would give it 5/5 Spool Scores


Both products kept me afloat, the Challenger brand has extra safety features whilst the IsoFishingLifestyle jacket is compact and tailored for fishing.

Make sure your lifejacket complies with your local Maritime laws. For people in NSW Australia check out:


You can check out the isofishinglifestyle jackets from:


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